Affiliate Program

Drive traffic from your audience to GOHUNT and make money! You'll earn commission on purchases made by every customer you refer.

How it works

  1. Apply to AvantLink, GOHUNT's affiliate network partner.
  2. Complete the application for our program.
  3. Once approved, start promoting GOHUNT brand, subscriptions, and gear through your channels
  4. Send customers to GOHUNT through your links and you will be paid for completed sales via AvantLink.
  5. Track your clicks and commissions through AvantLink's interface.

Affiliate Program Details

Qualifying Affiliate Sites

  • Publishers
  • Outdoor & Camping Sites
  • Hunting, Fishing, Cooking, Camping, Hiking & Outdoor Forums
  • Product Review Sites
  • Social Media Sites

More site types may qualify; contact us for questions. Deal and coupon sites are subject to lower commission rates and shorter cookie durations

Program details

  • Earn 33% commission on first-year subscription purchases
  • Up to 10% net sales on GOHUNT Gear Shop items (depending on product category and margin)
  • 30-day cookie window
  • Resources & tools covering everything from banner ads to datafeeds


  • You'll have access to a Program Manager to work directly with you and your account.
  • Our price match program helps maintain a great conversion rate.
  • Regular sales and customer discount promotions

Ready to get started?

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