The #1 Maps for Hunters

Everything you need to hunt across all 50 states

Hunting maps for every state in the US. Public/private land boundaries, waypoints, roads & trails, and more let you scout from home and navigate in the field, all from the palm of your hand.

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Public/Private Land

The most accurate and detailed land boundary maps for all 50 states.

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Massive Downloads

Faster downloads that cover areas up to 10x larger than anyone else—even if you're downloading at the gas station.

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Interactive 3D

Pan, tilt, and zoom around any hunting unit and use glassing mode to find the best spots.

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Historical Imagery

A deep library with years of satellite imagery helps you cut through snow and cloud cover, study timber cuts and burns, and know your spots like never before.

Use the slider to see the difference historical imagery makes

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Hear it from real hunters


If you don't have this app as a outdoorsman or hunter then you are seriously screwing up!

Their topo, and REAL 3d service truly sets itself apart from all competitors. The layout, design and friendly interface for all devices is easy to use, and extremely reliable. Dependability in the backcountry is something I don't take for granted and gohunt gives me just that. Their range finder feature, layers and offline maps has been some of my favorite features for this app. Take my word for it - become a gohunt member and download this app. You won't be disappointed.


Next level topo maps

I always use go hunt for their topo maps if I think I found a nice spot. The detail and shading is awesome and makes understanding the land layout way easier!


Saved the day

My fourth season Colorado hunt pushed me to my very limit with no elk seen on public ground after five days. I glassed up four bulls leaving private to bed on public the last day of my hunt...Walking with my phone in hand to follow the boundary, I reached the far west end. Glassing across the canyon I just seen a bull bed. Using my GOHUNT we studied the terrain and determined he was just inside public. Using the rangefinder features and my rangefinder binos confirmed it was a green light. My biggest bull lay dead 35 yards from the boundary. I would have never taken the shot if not for my saved maps.


Best mapping I've used

The maps are absolutely the highest quality. Giant map downloads, high resolution, all of it is just the best.


Worked well in the field

The mapping software worked well to plan an elk hunt to a new area for our party in 2022. We were able to identify target areas, that when we got in the field had elk. The offline features worked well in the field as a backup GPS.


Awesome Work GOHUNT Team!

I’ve been looking forward to the release of the app since I heard that it was coming. The app is awesome and you guys got it out at a good time so people have time to use it for planning hunts this fall. I really like the dark mode and how the app functions.


Great for Any Outdoorsman

The 3D map and community features on this map are great. Now, instead of word of mouth or my crudely drawn maps of paths I’ve hiked, I can just set way points and screen shot areas to my friends.


No one does it better than GOHUNT

Everything the GOHUNT team does is intentional, thorough and driven by purpose. Lorenzo and team did not disappoint with this app and it’s features. I love everything about it. It’s all about the details and all of them were considered. Phenomenal job GoHUNT team!



So excited for this from the goHUNT crew! Glad they waited to release this and have time to work out the kinks before elk season this September 👍🏼


Love it so far

Great work gohunt! Another product I’ll be using daily.

Members get hunting gear for less

Automatically earn rewards points on every purchase in the GOHUNT Gear Shop. Every point is worth $1 in cash towards a future purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many states are included with my membership?

Every GOHUNT membership covers all 50 states. We don't believe in limiting your hunting options, so we don't make you pick and choose where you might want to hunt.


Can I use GOHUNT Maps on my phone?

Yes! GOHUNT offers a fully-native iOS and Android experience.If you're on your phone, click here to download the app for your device!

Do you have public and private land layers?

Of course we do—it's a hunting app. Private land, state and federal land, and more is available for all 50 states.

Can I add photos to my waypoints?

Yes—you can add a photo to any waypoint you drop to remember exactly why you left it in the first place.

Can I use historical imagery in combination with my layers?

Yes! Layers and historical imagery can be combined to get the most comprehensive view of your hunting spots as possible.

Are there tools I can't use in the GOHUNT app?

Yes - our advanced terrain analysis tools and historical imagery library are only available on our web platform at this time.

Billing & Payment

How are your memberships billed?

Our membership is billed annually, and will auto-renew on the same day each year until you choose to cancel.

Tools & Resources

What are Gear Reward Points?

Our rewards program issues points (think store credit) on all eligible purchases. Points can be redeemed on a future purchase and apply to nearly anything in our store, and one point equals one dollar.

What is Point Tracker?

Point Tracker is your source to keep track of all your bonus points/preference points in one spot. We cover every Western state and every application type you can build points for. While using Filtering 2.0 or our stand a-lone draw odds pages your points and residency will automatically be filled for any species and points entered into your point tracker. Additionally, you can create separate points profiles for your friends and family members to track their points as well!

What is Hunt Planner?

Hunt Planner is a great new tool that is available to all Insider members. Hunt Planner allows you, the user, to save seasons from the Insider platform, add notes, compare seasons, and plan your entire hunting season all from one convenient location. Quickly access Filtering 2.0 from the hunt planner to pick up your research exactly where you left off, no more resetting your filters each time you use the platform.

What is Filtering?

Filtering is our easy-to-use way to find exactly where you can pull a tag this year, and what units you should be looking at for your next hunt. Simply enter the number of points you have, and you can sort units across the west by species, season, odds, harvest potential and more.

What makes GOHUNT's draw odds better than what I can get from the state?

There are a number of reasons that the data or odds that we display are different than the various state reports. Some of the state reports only show you first choice data, don't account for party applications or don't even split apart resident and nonresident applicants. We've worked very hard with the different state agencies to get reports built that would allow us to show, what we feel is the most accurate data available.

How are GOHUNT's draw odds calculated?

After working with each states game agencies to fully understand their draw processes and practices our in-house data scientist and research team simulate the draw using real numbers many thousands of times. The simulations produce odds based on all possible avenues of the draw taking place.