Support a conservation group of your choice by joining GOHUNT

Hunters are the driving force behind funding our nation's conservation efforts. That's why this Giving Tuesday, we're donating 100% of any new GOHUNT subscription to the foundation of your choice.

Step One: Pick the organization you want to support

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Step One: Choose a Foundation

Choose the organization you want to support

We're partnering with 4 top-notch foundations to support hunters and species of all kinds. Select the organization or click the learn more to see how they're supporting conservation efforts across the country.

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Step Two: Choose a Plan

Choose the GOHUNT subscription you're interested in

You can choose Explorer, our maps-focused offering that covers all 50 states, or Insider, our complete all-in-one set of tools for research, mapping, giveaways, and more.


Hunting maps for all 50 states, plus cash back on every gear purchase you make

Around $4/monthBilled yearly at $49.99

What's Included?

Maps Gear Rewards Point Tracker


Maps, research tools, and strategies for hunters of all kinds, plus everything in Explorer

$12.49/monthBilled yearly at $149.99/year
Billed yearlyBilled monthly

What's Included?

Maps Gear Rewards Point Tracker Filtering 2.0 Draw Odds App Strategies Giveaways Unit Profiles State Regulations


GOHUNT empowers hunters to live a more adventurous life

Our mission is simple: empower hunters during every step of their journey. Our array of tools and content helps you learn where you have the best chance to draw tags, how to find more animals, what gear to add to your kit, strategies for every part of the hunt—all so you can have more success and get more value from your time.