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Get the Gear You Need for Less

Our program is the most rewarding in hunting. You'll earn points on every eligible purchase in our gear shop, and every point equals a dollar towards a future purchase.

Free Shipping
Paying for Shipping is the Worst

Get free shipping on all the hunting gear you need from the GOHUNT Gear Shop. (Applies to orders within the lower 48 US states only)

Free Returns
Buy with Confidence

Our gear experts are here to help you find the right product, but sometimes things just aren't a good fit. Shop with confidence with our hassle-free return program. (Applies to orders within the lower 48 US states only)

Monthly Gear Giveaways
Monthly Giveaways for Insiders

Every month we work with the leading manufacturers in hunting to give gear back to our Insiders. You'll be automatically entered every month for a chance at the newest bows, backpacks, and more.

Mapping Tools
All 50 States Included
Every State We Offer

We don't think your tools should limit where you can hunt—that's why all 50 states are included by default with our mapping tools.

Public/Private Land Boundaries
Land Boundaries

Up-to-date public and private land boundary data shows you where you can—and more importantly, can't—hunt in the field.

Offline Maps
Use Your Maps Anywhere

Offline, in-the-field use anytime you need your maps, with an optimized download structure to ensure you don't miss out on any of the layers you need.

Historical Imagery
Historical Imagery

A deep library with years of satellite imagery helps you cut through snow and cloud cover, study timber cuts and burns, and know your spots like never before. *Desktop Only

Immersive, Interactive 3D
Pan, tilt and zoom with our Real 3D

Change your e-scouting game and know the terrain before you put boots on the ground. This is real, interactive 3D—not a locked 45° tilt that claims to be ‘3D’.

Collaborative Hunt Planner
Hunting is Better with Friends

Collaborate on your plans and share hunts with your friends so you all have the latest info for your next hunt. Don’t want to share anymore? Your data is always yours - unshare at any time.

Data Import Tools
Never Lose Your Work

Our import tools allow you to seamlessly bring over your waypoints and mapping data from any other service in minutes. Pick up right where you left off, and see what you’ve been missing out on at the same time.

Terrain Analysis Tool
Terrain Analysis Tool

Use the advanced terrain tools to scout out the best places to look for whatever animals you're hunting. *Desktop Only

Planning Tools
NewIn-App Research Tools
Find hunts from anywhere

Our advanced filtering and draw odds are all found in-app and on desktop, so you can research and find hunts from anywhere you find yourself.

Advanced Hunt Filtering Tools
Find Your Next Hunt

Filter and sort every unit in the west by multiple filters to find your next great hunt. Any animal, any season, any state.

Industry-Leading Draw Odds
Find the Right Unit for You

The best draw odds in hunting show you how likely you are to pull a tag in any unit we cover. Stop waiting for years and find where you can pull a tag this year.

Unit Profiles
Boots on the Ground Reviews

Our experts share their in-depth knowledge about every unit to give you the knowledge you need to plan your hunt effectively.

State Regulation Overviews
Never Read Another State PDF

We've compiled the rules and regulations for every state, allowing you to focus less on deadlines and dates and more on what kind of hunt you want to go on.

Species Profiles
Species Profiles

Deep dives into every species you can pull a tag for give you the knowledge you need to hunt effectively

Expert Insights, Strategies, and Advice
Expert Strategy & Advice

Learn tips & tactics from diehard hunters and get the inside edge on whatever hunt you're planning.

Exclusive Content
You can't find this anywhere else

Live, eat, sleep, and breathe hunting with our exclusive content. The latest news, events, gear, and more—we cover it all so you can stay up to date.


Gear Rewards

Tried-and-True Hunting Gear for Less

Hunting requires a lot of gear—and the wrong gear can absolutely ruin your hunt. We want you to get the best gear possible for less, so you can put your money where it really matters—going on more hunts. Our rewards program issues points (think store credit) on all eligible purchases. Points can be redeemed on a future purchase and apply to nearly anything in our store*.

1 Point = $1

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*Rewards cannot be applied to the purchase of gift certificates or gift cards.

Mapping Tools

Maps fully-focused on hunting

Built from the ground up with hunters in mind, our maps have everything you need for e-scouting from home or getting the most out of your time in the backcountry.

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Historical Imagery

A deep library with years of satellite imagery helps you cut through snow and cloud cover, study timber cuts and burns, and know your spots like never before.

Use the slider to see the difference historical imagery makes

More features:

Public and Private Land Boundaries

It's built for hunters—of course we have comprehensive land boundary data across the west. Know where you can—and more importantly, where you can't—hunt.

Offline Maps to Use in the Field

Once you've planned out your hunt, download your maps for use wherever in the backcountry you find yourself.

Import Your Waypoints and Data

Don't lose years of your planning—import any data you have from any mapping service and pick up right where you left off.

Point Tracker

Tired of updating spreadsheets every year, or worse, using a note pad? Our preference point tracker helps you keep track of every species and state you have preference or bonus points for, all in one easy to find and update location.

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Tried-and-True Gear

GOHUNT members also get the full benefits of our gear rewards program. Every point earned in our shop equals $1 to spend, so you can spend less on gear and more on geting tags and going hunting.

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Planning Tools

See all your opportunities with advanced filtering and search tools

Like Zillow, for hunting. Find your next hunt by picking the state, species, season, and more you're looking for. Then sit back and view every opportunity available to you.

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The key to drawing a tag

The most accurate, comprehensive, and easy-to-use draw odds in the industry help you find any kind of hunt you can imagine.

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Complete coverage of the west

6,200+ profiles with in-depth analysis, interactive maps, historical weather, seasonal trends, access, camping, lodging, and more.

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Insiders also get access to:

Strategy Articles for GOHUNT Members

Strategy Articles

Apply smarter and find new opportunities by seeing how our experts plan their application strategies, hunts, and offseason regimen.

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Species Profiles

Want to get tips and tactics about any species from diehard hunters? Look no further. Our species profiles have all the information you could possibly want on every species you can draw a tag for.

Monthly Giveaways

Insiders are automatically entered in giveaways of top-end gear every month.

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