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Research, maps, and gear rewards, all in one plan.

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Hunting maps & tools for all 50 states.

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Stay up-to-date with the latest in hunting.

A complete hunting ecosystem.

GOHUNT offers three membership plans to maximize your time hunting. While anyone can read our articles and shop, members get additional benefits and tools to help them get the most out of their hunting season.

Maps Membership


Hunting maps for all 50 states, plus everything in Gear Rewards.

Around $4/month Billed annually at $49.99
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Maps Hunt Planner Reward Points Point Tracker Filtering 2.0 Draw Odds Strategy Articles Unit Profiles Species Breakdowns Monthly Giveaways
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Gear Rewards

Get field-tested hunting gear in your hands for less.

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Reward Points Point Tracker Maps Hunt Planner Filtering 2.0 Draw Odds Strategy Articles Unit Profiles Species Breakdowns Monthly Giveaways
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Gear Rewards

All GOHUNT members earn rewards points on eligible purchase

  • The best gear at the best prices.
  • Earn points back.
  • Curated selection from experts.
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Around $1.67/month
Billed at $19.99/year

Start Shopping Sign Up for Gear Rewards

Around $1.67/month
Billed at $19.99/year

Mapping Membership

Maps Built for Hunters

Every mapping tool we make across all 50 states, plus everything in our Gear Rewards membership

    It's a hunting map—of course it has the complete basics like public & private land boundaries, waypoints, and offline maps. But there's so much more to explore.

    Ditch the locked pan & tilt and use real, immersive, interactive 3D to explore the terrain of any unit before you put boots on the ground.

    Advanced terrain analysis, rangefinding, and other hunt tools give you a leg up both e-scouting and in the field.

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    Around $4/month
    Billed annually at $49.99/year

    GOHUNT Maps are compatible with Android and iOS devices and all major desktop browsers.

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    Research, Maps, and Gear,
    All in One Place

    Everything you need to maximize your hunting season.

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      Sort any western state by species, season, trophy potential, and more to find the hunts you want to pursue.

      Draw Odds

      See where you can hunt next

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      Review historic data on the odds to pull any tag and find out where you're most likely to succeed.

      Application Strategies

      Learn from diehard hunters

      Application Strategy Preview

      Navigate the ins and outs of each state's application process and put more tags in your pocket.

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      Around $12.50/month
      Billed Annually at $149/year

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      Mobile & web mapping tools

      Filtering 2.0

      Find your best hunting options

      Reward Points

      Earn money back on the best hunting gear

      Draw Odds

      The most accurate application odds

      Species Profiles

      Deep dives into how and where to hunt

      Point Tracker

      Track bonus & preference points for you & your family


      Detailed strategies from our experts

      Hunt Planner

      Seasons, notes, and maps in one place

      Unit Profiles

      In-depth knowledge about every unit

      Terrain Analysis

      E-scout with confidence and stop relying on just luck


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      Filtering 2.0 Draw Odds Maps Strategy Articles Unit Profiles
      Reward Points Species Breakdowns Hunt Planner Point Tracker Monthly Giveaways
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      Becoming the 10% — how to be a more successful hunter

      The old saying goes, "10% of the hunters kill 90% of the game." I've had the pleasure of observing "the how" of very successful hunters around me, and there are no doubt some commonalities among the "lucky" 10%.

      How to select the perfect arrow

      When choosing arrows, you need to consider a lot of factors: your draw weight, arrow length/draw length and your point weight, for starters. Here are all of the things I take into consideration before selecting my arrows each year:

      E-scouting with GOHUNT Maps

      When initially beginning your e-scouting the biggest hurdle will be simply narrowing down an area(s) to consider. Some states/hunts will be easy as the tags are unit specific, but other opportunities—like Wyoming elk—are good for nearly the entire state.

      How to easily find hunting opportunities across the west

      Trying to figure out where to hunt or where to apply can be a little intimidating—unless you have the tools to cut down the learning curve.

      Planning for your first out-of-state hunt

      Out of state hunts bring so much more to the table than just another tag; New country to explore, new animals to chase, new people to meet. Not to mention, it's really upped my ability to consistently fill tags.

      Two types of guaranteed tags in the west

      In every western state, there are a good chunk of hunts every year that are drawn with zero points, as second-choice options or picked up from a leftover list.

      Hear It From

      Love it!

      As an out of state hunter (3 states away) E-scouting is an essential tool for me and others like me. If I only have one trip and 7 days to spend in a unit I want to step into it the first time already feeling like a know it to some extent and start recognizing terrain and features even though its the first time to see them in person.

      Brad P

      Awesome resource, worth every penny.

      Honestly, as a new-ish western hunter who lives in Michigan, the GOHUNT platform has made planning trips and just learning about different opportunities a lot more manageable. It has revealed new opportunities I never would have considered. Awesome resource, worth every penny.

      Benjamin N.

      My whole life I have dreamed about a elk hunt out west

      After talking to a friend I was told about GOHUNT. Now here I am on my third year leaving in September for Idaho elk. The knowledge I gained from your site gave me the courage and know how to start the dream.

      Jonathan V.

      Hunting and eventually harvesting this elk was an extremely emotional and gratifying opportunity for me.

      I'm texting you because I thought you might enjoy hearing from someone who was extremely thankful for your help and to hear about how this journey ended.

      Jim S.

      Big Hunt Guys

      Introducing the GOHUNT podcast. Kick back with your favorite beverage of choice and hear some tips, tactics and strategies and a bit of randomness from Chris Neville, Brady Miller and Trail Kreitzer as they shoot the shit about all things hunting.

      Listen wherever you get podcasts

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